Sealed Bidding

Sealed Bidding Reata Pass Auctions is a service to our customers to accept an absentee bid or sealed bid from buyers who cannot attend the sale. This is done by filing out the form here. Sealed bids will be done in a competitive manner as if you were here bidding yourself. The bidding is opened at half of the low estimate regardless, we do not start the bidding at your bid unless that is the next competitive bid. All sealed bids must be submitted by email, fax, or over the phone by 4 pm the day before the auction. This includes retracting bids as well. All sealed bidders rate is 15% for cash or check and 17% with credit card.

Phone bidding

Phone bids are offered as a service to customers, you must fill out and complete the form here or fax it to us. Phone bidding is done in live time so you need to have an idea of how much you would like to pay as the auction moves very fast. If we cannot hear you or if we cannot reach you a bid will not be submitted. We accept telephone bids on a limited basis. Telephone bidding is reserved for seriously interested bidders ONLY. In order to bid by phone you must be willing to pay the low estimate of the item being bid on.

Internet bidding

We use Proxibid, Icollector, and High Bid. Proxibid and Icollector are live bidding platforms that provide a service to host our auction live online. The buyers premium is 20% flat no exception if you have a tax license it is your responsibility to submit that online. Also be aware there is a delay in the webcast so submit your bids beforehand as a backup. High Bid is our bidding platform and you place prebids and then the highest prebid is then taken to the live auction in the form as a sealed bid and submitted. All online customer will pay by credit card only. We only accept Visa and Mastercard, Discover. That same card will be used for shipping.