Reata Pass Auctions

We are a full service auction company that specializes in selling collectable items. My name is Gabrielle Gangel, but I go by Gigi.

I am the daughter to John Gangel aka ‘Little John’ of Little Johns Auction Service in Orange, California. I grew up watching my grandfather and father sell guns at auction and gun shows.

I started the business in Humboldt, Arizona in 2010. We are a family run business. We pride ourselves by being the little guys who offer big customer service. When you consign your items you get the personal service from me the owner. The contract is a flat percentage with no hidden fees or charges. The majority of the merchandise that is consigned to us comes from longtime customers that were buyers or referred to us from a long time customer. I learned from a very young age that reputation is everything so I have put in my heart and soul into this company to make it what it is today.

The moment that you consign items we become partners until the items are sold. The more you make as a consignor, the more we make, and that is what motivates us. Reata Pass handles one item consignments as well has whole estates.

We specialize in selling Firearms from Antiques to NFA firearms, Western Subject Fine Art, Fine Jewelry and a GIA appraiser who works with us to sell and appraise estate jewelry, Indian artifacts, baskets, beadwork, pottery, textiles, and everything in between, Cowboy memorabilia High end collectors saddles, artwork, spurs, and memorabilia, Wartime artifacts like Uniforms, Flags, and edged weapons. We also sell Asian artifacts, political or historical documents, coins, ammo, gun accessories, small antiques, collectors books, animal mounts, Pre-Columbian artifacts, and most things that have a collectors value.



  • Ron Canilio

    Team Member

  • River Maize

    Art Expert

  • Gigi Gangel


  • Don Fortney

    Manager - Photographer - Shipping

  • Neil Hintze

    Firearm Compliance & Evaluation